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VLC Player hangs when opening ‘.mkv’ files

VLC Player hangs when opening ‘.mkv’ files

STEP 1: Open VLC Player.
STEP 2: Press “Alt” button.
STEP 3: Click on “Tools”.
STEP 4: Select the option “Preferences”.
STEP 5: Click on “Input/Codecs”.
STEP 6: Go to Demuxers >> Matroska.
STEP 7: Uncheck “Preload Directory”.
STEP 8: Close the VLC Player, your problem is solved.


  1. MKV is a useless format that doesn't work on anything worth owning. It doesn't work on most stand alone DVD players.

    The only people who would praise this POS "container" are losers who couldn't get laid if they pasted hundred dollar bills all over their face.


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